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http://w-i-n-d-o-w-s.net/ http://w-i-n-d-o-w-s.net/ http://w-i-n-d-o-w-s.net/

WINDOWS is an invitational installation in the front window of the COMPUTER + SOFTWARE store in Basel. A collaboration with Moritz Greiner-Petter, the project entreated a group of friends and artists and designers to create a software box for our contemporary digital era. Participants included Aram Bartholl, Benoît Verjat, Bernhard Garnicnig, Ciara Phillips, Constant Dullaart, Evan Roth, Geraldine Juárez, Ishac Bertran, Jan Robert Leegte, Peter Moosgaard, Phillip Stearns, Pussykrew, Rosa Menkman, Sebastian Schmieg, Suzanne Treister, Windows93.

The project includes work(s) from each participant, a “User Manual” essay as well as interviews with designers who have helped to compose the historical practice that is software box and product design: Clement Mok “Software Is Something That You Don’t Really See”, Eddie Yuen “The Level of Complexity Was Just Incredible”, Kathleen Forsythe “Design That Has No Shelf Life”. During Art Basel 2017,  the physical exhibition was opened with a short comedic sketch by Peter Moosgaard and Jamie Allen and a musical performance by Phillip Stearns at Plattfon STAMPA record and book store.

Partners: Moritz Greiner-PetterPlattfon STAMPA (Michi Zaugg), Department of Culture Basel-City, Critical Media Lab Basel. Special thanks to Claudia Wenger of COMPUTER + SOFTWARE.

Links: http://w-i-n-d-o-w-s.net/
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