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Reset Modernity!

Design, research and concept development for the 2016 exhibition Reset Modernity! curated by Bruno Latour. The exhibition is a Gedankenaustellung, a hybrid of exhibition and thought experiment, a laboratory inquiry though movement, space and ambiance. An international selection of curated artworks are exhibited beneath a contained roofing structure evoking ‘cracked earth.’ Development team comprising Critical Media Lab researchers and Masters Studio students at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design (Basel) and architect/urban design researcher Paolo Patelli. Module system designed by SSW architects, Berlin. (Related: AIME Tiles)

Partners: Bruno LatourCritical Media Lab, Science Po Media Lab, An Inquiry Into Modes of ExistenceZKM Center for Art and MediaFHNW Academy of Art and Design Masters StudioPaolo Patelli, Inbal Lieblich

Links: ImagesWhy Is it So Hard to Describe Experience (catalogue essay)


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