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Critical Infrastructure is a media-landscape survey, commissioned and developed in coordination with the 2014 transmediale Afterglow festival. The project residency hosted by ZK/U, included workshops, public talks, publication contributions and writings.

The installation at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin used geotechnical instruments and landscape measurement technologies to present live metadata for the festival and its surrounds. Static facts (eg.: festival budget numbers) are revealed through datum markers throughout, and building sensor (eg.: temperature, vibration) and live online-metrics (Facebook likes, Youtube video views) are correlated via a set of viewfinders. The result was ‘big data’ for transmediale itself, somewhat ridiculous and over-determined, rendered present during the event.

Partners: David Gauthier, Marcin Ignac, James Alliban, transmediale, Platoon Berlin, LEAP, The Canadian Embassy in Berlin, Kunstraum Kreuzberg, ZKU, Topcon Positioning Systems, Hochschule Berlin

Links: Critical Infrastructure (ongoing research), Leakage/Surveyance/Conveyance (workshops), Neural.it, Rhizome.org, Wired.comBerlin Art Link, Daily Inspiration
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