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Reading is first a manual activity. The work of the hand is ever-present in the work of the head: holding, turning, pointing, scrolling, clicking and note taking are physical practices that accompany the printed word.

The AIME Tiles began by thinking about how a system of ideas could be translated into physicalconceptual tools. The history of manual and mnemonic instruments for reading (reading rulers, loops, ‘rosetta stones’ and other rubrics) and the material culture of scholarship (flash cards, misbaharosary beads) are appropriate departure points for systems of scholarship like the Inquiry into Modes of Existence (AIME).

AIME Tiles are a tools for study, playing pieces for theoretical reading and thinking.

Partners: Merja Hannele UlvinenCatherine Descure, CIID, TEI Stanford

Links: The AIME ProjectLatour in CPH

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