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Shift Register is an artistic research project investigating the material and ecological infrastructure of planet earth. It is concerned with the traces and marks left by human endeavours at an industrial and infrastructural scale, and investigates and intervenes in these realities and discourses through a series of workshops, exhibition projects, experimental interventions, inspired and modulating natural and physical science labwork and fieldwork.

Events and commissions include the “excursion: ecologies” sessions transmediale festival 2017 and “Earth Observatory Array Elements – Treak Cliff” for Abandon Normal Devices, UK. Experimental publication formats include the glossarial Unthology and a series of ‘Readers’ and ‘Responses’ designed by Merle Ibach, released prior and subsequent to each project event and activity.

Partners: Martin Howse, Jonathan Kemp, Merle Ibach 

Links: shiftregister.info