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A single object is sent to different manufacturers and workshops to have various ‘processes’ applied to it. Each process is chosen, in secret and in turn, by the collaborating artists. After 10 processes, the object — whatever it looks like and whatever it becomes — is complete, and made public.

My Holy Nacho is a transactional and transnational art project between two artists who enjoy misunderstanding each other, using the gaps in communications via electronic media to create an artwork. My Holy Nacho is a sculptural object built from fissured transmissions and mistranslations — even the title of the work is the result of a misunderstanding: A mis-hearing of the name Moholy-Nagy in a noisy pub in Northern England; a mumbly mispronunciation in a Canadian accent to an Austrian not-so-native English speaker.

Unboxing at Kunsthal Aarhus, March 18th, 2015 (Video).
Sectioning at Nikolaj Kunsthal, April 2nd, 2016 (Television profile).


Partners: Bernhard GarnicnigMela Dávila Freire

Links: web (Tumblr/Facebook), We Make Money Not Art, Algorithm & Contingency, Killscreen, ArtPapers comission (.pdf), Kunsthal Aarhus
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